About Us

About Us

नेपाली र्इ पसल  ( Nepali E Pasal ) is the  Nepal’s most trusted best online shopping Marketplace of  Wholesale and Retails products like Electronics, Clothes, Furniture, Kitchen, Home Appliances & many more. We offer best Quality products at the affordable price at Nepal and aboard . 

Nepali E Pasal is the Multi Vendor Marketplace platform for Seller .  You may list your product on this marketplace and sell your own products freely. 

Features on Nepali E-Pasal :

  • Sellers can register and login themselves .

            पसल साहु अाफैले रजिस्टर र लगइन गन  सक्ने । 

  • Sellers could upload their products themselves. No need to contact Nepali-EPasal Server to list sellers products .

             पसल साहु अाफैले अाफनाे सामानहरू  काे  लिस्ट राखन  मिल्ने ।  नेपाली इ पसल सर्भर सँग मद्त  लिन नपने 

  • Sellers could tag products price rate themselves.

             पसल साहुले अाफनाे सामानकाे मूल्य अाफै राख्न सक्ने ।

  • Customers could select multiple products from one platform.

            ग्राहकले एकै ठाँउबाट धेरै सामानहरूकाे  लिस्ट छान्न पाउने । 

  • Customer could choose their nearest shop on their own location.

            ग्राहकले अाफनाे नजिककाे पसल बाट सामान छान्न पाउने ।

  • Seller could take the order of their products in their own Printer automatically, No need to check the website or No need to stay online to get the notification of order. 

            ग्राहकले अर्डर गरेकाे सामानकाे  लिस्ट सिधै पसल साहुकाे   अटाेमेटीक  प्रिन्टर मा प्रिन्ट हुने ।